Holiday in the Stubai valley will capture the imagination.

Summer in the mountains, a time for dreaming and enjoyment, full of unforgettable adventures and experiences.

The summer in the Stubai Valley takes place outside. This is ensured by the fresh air, the unique panorama and the alpine diversity that mountain vacationers and families enjoy. In addition, there are a number of attractions that spread from the valley floor over the middle heights to high alpine terrain.

The Stubai Valley offers guests from all over the world a recreational space that is valued, maintained and shared with visitors by its inhabitants as a habitat. It is an active, enjoyment-oriented region whose movement skills are felt year-round.

Water is pure life! Constantly in motion, strong, formative and full of energy, it has always attracted people. Retracing the rapid creek in the Stubaital to its origins and to follow its path is particularly exciting. At the WildeWasserWeg in the Stubaital with its unique alpine sites, this natural phenomenon can be experienced in a fantastic way on three stages.

The scenic nature sites of the Stubaital do not always present themselves openly, but are occasionally hidden away. Therefore, allow us to lead you to these magic places: Places that tell stories and bear witness to history; sites that present opinions and views; sites that leave impressions; effervescent pearls that set energy free. And everyone can discover and absorb them as they are often only a few hundred metres away.

Descent of 8,000 meters in 8 days
The Stubai High Trail is one of the most beautiful high-altitude hikes in the Alps. However, at a length of nearly 100 km and a total ascent / descent of over 8,000 m, the Stubai High Trail is also a real challenge to aspiring mountaineers. Sure-footedness, a good physical condition, a head for heights and the right equipment are the basic requirements to discover the Stubai Valley mountain range at its most beautiful.

Size can be measured in different ways. The Seven Summits Stubai tour thus is not only about altitude, but also about what these mountains mean to people. Seven summits that leave an impression, tell a story or saliently shape the landscape, were selected by our hiking and mountain guides as well as by mountain lovers and are to allow visitors of the Stubaital an experience of the joy of mountains.

Summer, sun, mountains - what more could you wish for?
Summer, sun, mountains - what more could you wish for?

A summer holiday in the Stubai Valley is active and exciting, contemplative and restful, thrilling or relaxing - any way you want it to be! Hike through the valley with your family, climb the highest peak, go on a cycling or try the latest trendy sports. Whatever your dream holiday might look like - at the Haus am Wald in the Stubai Valley your dreams will come true.